Monday, February 10, 2014

Four Streams

This druidic site is perpetually shrouded in fog as it sits on a small hill in the middle of a bog. The bog is the site of an ancient battlefield, a long running war between the cyclops and man.

The site is surrounded by a tall, wooden, circular wall with a small path leading up to a door. Inside the structure, in the center, stands a giant, four sided obelisk. Various runes and writings cover the obelisk, but rather than usual druidic script, the inscriptions are even older, thought to be the writing of Mannanan Mac Lir himself. Or as the caretaker, Pholus, refers to him, The First.

A pathway surrounds the obelisk and winds around it, sloping upwards as it spirals around. Off the path are various dwellings, and although only Pholus lives here now, it's possible to conceive of a large village once calling this home.

 The obelisk appears to tap directly into the elemental planes, based on the runes inscribed upon it. Activating it controls weather in a 24 mile (four hex) radius. Each additional standing stone controlled, increases the radius by an additional 6 miles (one hex). Activating the obelisk is risky, as the electrical charge projecting the magic is unstable. Pholus also speaks of a key required to use the obelisk, a key he'll provide once his quest is fulfilled.

There are no standing stones here, nor does Pholus believe there to be any in the Three Valley region.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tower of Sakarbaal

Centuries ago, the wealthy Phoenician wizard-merchant Sakarbaal traveled to the Island of Redstone after hearing of the rumor of a Font of Youth. He brought his young apprentice. The boy knew he would not see his family again and might spend the rest of his short life in the wilderness with his old master. They sailed the long distance in the wizard’s opulent ship and traveled to cyclop ruins in the north, where they found The Machine of Creation, rather than the secret of youth the wizard desired.

Sakarbaal had an idea for his immortality. What if he could make the Font of Creation create a permanent, infinite plain instead of demiplanes? He could populate this realm with followers and achieve immortality through godhood! But such a plan would require enormous, near infinite power.

He carefully removed the artifact and brought it another site he had investigated, The Sea of Grass, where he recalled standing stones in the middle of nowhere on a planar conjunction to the ethereal plane, the plane of creation. He sold his ship to pay the cost of re-installing the artifact directly in the circle of stones, and over the years, found a way to tap the standing stones to power the artifact in an
infinite loop of creation.

The Tower is constructed of stone with a metal skin on the outside made from plates of Umbrite, which cloaks the tower in shadowy darkness, extending out into the lake. As Sakarbaal was about to realize his dream, the forces of nature revolted and performed rituals to bypass his source of power along the ley lines. Nature would not be hijacked for the sake of one man’s immortality. Life within a mile was destroyed and the artifact was badly damaged. The artifacts destruction resulted in a dweomersink in the area. The machine sucked the natural energy from where it sat, creating a ground sink that eventually filled up with water. The bottom two levels are now completely submerged,
and a lake has formed around the tower.

An arcanoplasm dwells in the lake, feeding on the residual magical energy and anything that stops by.

His assistant, who wished to obtain immortality with Sakarbaal attempted to turn himself into a lich, and failed. He’s also here.

Also see The Annals of Denbacan for more about Sakarbaal's quest.