Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gebel of the Phoenician Acadamy

Over 6,000 years old, Gebel is the oldest city in the world and the first Phoenician city, although it may have started as a Badaran colony. The city worships the mother of Gebel, Ba’alat Gebel in The Great Temple overlooking the sea. She’s a god of the sea, love and beauty, and the women of the town are known regionally as the most beautiful.
The town’s scenic beauty, openness to ideas, embracing of nature and worship of the goddess of love, and a population with a lot of young students (and a ‘non-lawful” alignment), has resulted in a “romantic” reputation.
The city exports cedar and pine, along with salt and red pottery. It has a large number of farmers who wish their children to one day attend the local Academae, so there is an abundance of food in the town, much of which is exported. Its primary draw is The Phoenician Academae, an academy focusing on practical magic.
The Phoenician Academae is the most respected arcane school in the region and builds up slowly in its study from what was lost in Barothai, teaching ethics and philosophy along with magic in hopes of avoiding past mistakes.
Purple robed wizards study arcana, along with history, nature and nobility, with expectations they will one day be advisors to kings throughout the world.  Students are required to take a level in druid through their training, and are brought into the druidic mysteries as well. To be admitted to the Academae, students need to be neutral somewhere in their alignment or flexible enough in one axis that they can be “turned” through study.
Those of the academy believe their teachings have appeased the various forces of nature who hunted  other cultures for their past transgressions.
GEBEL (Gebal)

NG Large city

Corruption +0; Crime +1; Economy +3; Law +3; Lore +8; Society +4

Qualities abdundant, academic, peacebonding, religious tolerance, romantic, well-educated
The settlement has access to extraordinary natural resources: rich farmland, a deep lake, excellent hunting grounds nearby or even a convenient source of magical sustenance. The local food surplus makes the settlement a major exporting hub, and increases the standard of living for its inhabitants.
Reduce the purchase price of most forms of locally-grown food and livestock by 25% or more.

By local law, any weapon larger than a dagger and all wands and rods must either be peacebound or stored at the local sherrif’s office or jail (at the settlement’s option) for the duration of the visit. Peacebonding a weapon involves winding a colored cord tightly around the weapon and its scabbard, and then impressing the local seal in wax. Removing the peacebond requires a full round action before the item can be drawn. (Disable Device DC 12 to untangle the bond as a move equivalent action; bond HP 5, no hardness).

Religious Tolerance
The settlement is known for its widespread religious tolerance, and many faiths have temples, cathedrals or monasteries here. Religious debates in the public square are common.

The settlement’s inhabitants are renowned for their stunning beauty and charm, and the location has been made famous in dozens of romantic songs, poems and bawdy limericks. Affairs of the heart are common here, among the town’s hotblooded, lusty inhabitants.

Increase Society +1. Double the amount of minor magic items available for sale in the marketplace. Such trinkets are a popular, if expensive, token of affection here.

Well Educated
The settlement’s inhabitants are incredibly well educated and known for their sharp wits.

Danger +10


Government Magical

Population 24,000 (90% human, 5% elves, 5% other)

Noteable NPCs
Grandmaster Tanith
Mistress of the North Wind, Unmashtart

Adad the Groundskeeper


Base Value 8,000 gp; Purchase Limit 50,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items 8d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Magic items for the Month of Duir

Since Tara is now a small city, there is a 75% chance that any magic item up to the Purchase Limit price (25,000 gp) is available.
divine scroll of stabilise (caster level 1) 12 gp
arcane scroll of true strike (caster level 1) 25 gp
divine scroll of hide from undead (caster level 1) 25 gp
potion of cure light wounds 50 gp
divine scroll of reduce animal (caster level 3) 150 gp
potion of undetectable alignment 300 gp
potion of lesser restoration (2) 300 gp
potion of scent trail [APG] 300 gp
arcane scroll of phantom steed 375 gp
arcane scroll of hydraulic torrent [APG] 375 gp
arcane scroll of solid fog (caster level 7) 700 gp
wand of bless water (caster level 1), with 47 charges 705 gp
arcane scroll of level 5 spell, dismissal 1,125 gp
+1 small sized heavy wooden shield 1,157 gp
Medium sized heavy mace, +1 2,312 gp
golembane scarab 2,500 gp
wand of fester [APG] (caster level 3), 35 charges 3,150 gp
druids vestments 3,750 gp
+2 medium sized heavy steel shield 4,170 gp
horseshoes of the zephyr 6,000 gp
ring of forcefangs [APG] 8,000 gp
stone golem manual 22,000 gp
rod of splendour 25,000 gp
+5 medium sized heavy steel shield 25,170 gp
ring of protection +4 32,000 gp
tome of leadership and influence +4 110,000 gp