Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Month of Tinne

As Tara grows, and your influence spreads, various events occur with your projects in town. There are also new magic items available.

In Town Events

Tower of Math
A desperate young man arrives at the tower. His clothes are salt encrusted and his lips are blistered. He claims to have powerful arcane knowledge he can offer in exchange for sanctuary and a place at the school.

Tara Keep (Maedoch's Guildhouse)
One of the men, a talented and enterprising brewer, has been caught diverting kegs for his own purposes, mostly divvying them out to friends and family but selling a few as well.

Shipyard and Temple of Mannanan Mac Lir
A plainly dressed warrior arrives and identifies himself as a Son of Mannanan. He pulls a set of very old, silver items of worship from what's clearly a bag of holding. There are candelabra, bells, incense dishes, and a silver torc encrusted with small emeralds, a clear symbol of the faith. He tearfully presents them to the temple and expresses gratitude that it still exists.

Calderon's Skunk Works
No new activity.

Magical Threat Authority
Training Drill: The MTA engages in a threat take down drill and Sfiri needs to make a successful Diplomacy, Intimidate or Profession (soldier, or other) check to pull it off.

New Magic Items
Tara is a small city and there is a 75% chance that any magic item up to the Purchase Limit price (25,000 gp) is available.

Minor Items:

  • Ring: Ring of swarming stabs; 6,000 gp
  • Wondrous Item: Bag of holding (type III) (Slotless); 7,400 gp
  • Ring: Ring of maniacal devices; 5,000 gp
  • Wand: Aspect of the bear (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Wondrous Item: Belt of incredible dexterity +2 (Belts); 4,000 gp
  • Wondrous Item: Cloak of resistance +2 (Shoulders); 4,000 gp
  • Wondrous Item: Headband of fortune’s favor (Headband); 7,700 gp
  • Ring: Ring of swarming stabs; 6,000 gp
  • Wand: Heat metal (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Wondrous Item: Ghostvision gloves (Hands); 4,000 gp
  • Medium Items:
  • Wand: Invisibility, greater (4th Level, CL 7th); 21,000 gp
  • Wand: Invisibility (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Wand: Wood shape (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Wand: Magic circle against law (3rd Level, CL 5th); 11,250 gp
  • Wand: Summon monster II (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Wondrous Item: Amulet of mighty fists +2 (Neck); 20,000 gp
  • Wand: Restoration (4th Level, CL 7th); 26,000 gp
  • Wand: Invisibility (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Wand: Bear’s endurance (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Wondrous Item: Mask of the skull (Head); 22,000 gp
  • Wand: Cat’s grace (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500 gp
  • Major Items:
  • Wand: Confusion (4th Level, CL 7th); 21,000 gp
  • Staff: Staff of spiders; 30,200 gp
  • Sunday, May 12, 2013

    The Annals of Denbacan

    Translated from the ancient language of the Early Men

    Centuries ago, the wealthy Phoenician wizard-merchant Sakarbaal travelled to the Island of Redstone after hearing the rumor of a Font of Youth. The aging wizard was willing to travel any distance, compromise any principle, sacrifice everything, to prolong his natural life. The exception was necromancy, as becoming a lich, he would explain, was to give up most of the earthly pleasures Sakarbaal loved.

    Speaking of which, Sakarbaal brought his young apprentice, Urumkiiki. The boy knew he would not see his family again and might spend the rest of his short life in the wilderness with his old master. Regardless, he thought himself lucky if he could partake in immortality at the side of his master. They sailed the long distance in the wizard’s opulent ship, selling the gold plated pleasure vessel, a family heirloom, in Northman controlled Tara to fund their expedition. 

    The two enlisted Early Men explorers in town to take them to cyclop ruins in the north. There was ambush and betrayal as the unscrupulous guides misled the explorers. However, they had not counted on the cleverness and ruthlessness of Sakarbaal, and when the wizard arrived at the Early Men village where the scouts originated, fire claimed the lives of half the inhabitants, with one slain every hour until a true guide was brought to him. 

    That is when I, Denbacan, stepped forward. As I write this, I wonder if history will view me as a brave explorer or betrayer of my people's heritage. In any case, with my help, we headed for forbidden lands. Since gaining our freedom from the cyclops centuries ago, it has been forbidden to enter those lands, for fear that unknown horrors may be awoken. The admission that I knew the lands well would forever cloud my peoples view of me, and perhaps this is why Sakarbaal allowed me to live. We are maybe not so different from each other.

    We took to the mountains and over the next several months, half of the explorers died along the way, either through illness or attacks from monsters, especially the vile green dragon, Chrysox. Sakarbaal eventually parlayed for safe passage with Chrysox, offering him a magical sword of some sort. With the dragon allowing passage, we soon discovered an ancient Cyclopean city, and in its center, a powerful artifact. It was not the secret of youth, as Sakarbaal had desired, but a device rumored to be far more powerful, The Machine of Creation.

    Sakarbaal was angry and despondent, but thankfully did not take out his frustration on me or the men. Eventually he came up with an idea. If he could not be immortal through some font or elixir, perhaps there was another way. 

    The Font of Creation, according to Sakarbaal's research, could create a demiplane, if given enough energy. A demiplane was nothing to Sakarbaal, but an infinite number of demiplanes, populated by worshipers, would be something else entirely. Sakarbaal could populate these realms with followers and achieve immortality through godhood!  But such a plan would require enormous, near infinite power. 

    On the way out of the mountains, Sakarbaal convinced his men of the merits of the plan, joking that each would be a high priest in the faith of Sakar, the reference to his family god Baal dropped completely at this point. And where would he find these people to worship him?

    I snuck out of the camp that evening, leaving the crazy old man with his enormous machine, small army of porters, and his high priests. How and where they would go to harness such great power will remain a mystery to me.