Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crom Cruaich and The Eyes of Crom

Crom Cruaich
Worm demon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains:  None
Worshippers: Evil Druids and cultists

Crom Cruaich, whose name literally means the bent one of slaughter, is a demon-god of destruction. Cultists sacrifice their first born for good crops, while evil druids worship him in hopes he'll return to the world and wipe out the plague of humanity that crawls on its surface like a swarm of vermin.

To worship Crom is to give your body and soul directly to the worm demon and many cultists die in the practice. It may be what has kept evil armies at bay for so long, as it's thought Crom is gathering strength from his worshipers souls before he can rise up from The Abyss.

It is said that his worshipers are strongest on The Plain of Prostration, a mythical place where an enormous temple to the god resides and where ecstatic worshipers can partake of Crom's otherworldly visions of not just The Abyss, but omnipotent visions from the god himself. These visions are always tinted with a desire to destroy and do harm, even if the recipient is unaware of it at the time. Many a cultist speaks of wanting to have "the eyes of Crom," and how the rest of the world seeks to keep them from seeing The Truth. Others are brought to the cult only after seeing through Crom's eyes.

Scholars believe The Plain of Prostration is no mythical place, but an actual location and that "The Eyes of Crom" are physical gifts given to cultists, perhaps actual eyes of children who have been sacrificed, and not a metaphor for seeing the mayhem and destruction of the evil worm god.

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