Monday, March 5, 2012

The Squatting Wolfhound

The Dire Wolf
The party met at the town square tavern, The Squatting Wolfhound. Before long they noticed a commotion outside, and rushing out, they discovered a dire wolf sliding around the corner on the cobblestones with a dead goblin pulled on the ground behind it. The goblin was full of arrows of the kind used by the town guard.

Before engaging the wolf, the beast ripped the throat out of a farmer, on his way back from the fields. The townsfolk who weren't in the direct line of attack seemed numb to the mayhem. The ranger Tristan rushed to kill the wolf, while the old wizard Calderone summoned poisonous snakes to handle the threat. Maedock, the summoner (not the king of Tara with the same name), grabbed a bit of cloth from a merchants stall and ran up to the creature, covering it like a blanket. Meanwhile, Shade, the druid shot at it with his sling.

Soon enough the dire wolf was in retreat, confused as the lights went out around it and mortally wounded from Tristan's blows. The final blow came from a tiny asp that bit it as it was about to leave the town square.

The party discovered a couple potion bottles with druidic markings on them along with an empty pouch with some foul smelling purple stains. They would discover the meaning of this later in the day.

The Haunt
The party left town along the Mine Trail. As they walked along they noticed the temperature drop and they could see their breaths before them. It began to rain a foul blood and the wagon ruts in the road began to fill up. Before them was a man lying in the road crying out, nearly cut in half as he lay dying. Tristan the ranger panicked and ran away, but the others realized the haunt for what it was. As the ghost faded, Maedock noticed the tip of a bone sticking out of the dry road and Shade suggested digging up and burying the body. The party did so when Maedock returned and they believe the soul of the dead miner was laid to rest.

Shade noticed a hidden trail as they buried the dead miner. Heading down the trail, the party ran into a bandit party, led by the local thug Vortigern. The bandits were clearly intoxicated on a strange drug and didn't notice the parties approach. Calderone put most of them to sleep while Shade entangled them with druidic magic. Tristan knocked Vortigern unconscious and when he awoke, Calderone charmed him.

They discovered a cache of foul smelling purple buries the bandits called The Eyes of Crom. These berries increase the strength of the bandits and gave them visions of the planes, apparently seeing through the eyes of The Great Worm, Crom. Through interrogating Vortigern, they found his contact in town, learning there was a plot to enslave the townsfolk through addiction.