Friday, April 20, 2012

Tara at 30 Days

Time to Samhain:  5 months

 The town is functioning better than it has in years. The people are more productive with more farming and iron work being done. Productivity from their faith has improved now that Daghda stands over them. The young heroes have been liberated from their addiction to The Eyes of Crom and are recovering. There is hope that the forest will one be safe for more widespread hunting and that the iron deposits to the north may one day bring them greater wealth.

Much has happened in Tara and the surrounding area in the last 30 days:
  • Internally, half of the town's highly trained young people were liberated from a conspiracy to addict them from drugs and keep them pacified.
  • Bandits to the south were dispatched, providing for safe passage of the iron miners.
  • Smugglers were stopped and tons of iron ore recovered, along with a sailing ship.
  • Old One Eye, a nasty worg that prowled in the southern forests, was taken down.
  • The mystery of Bran the Trapper was solved and his body returned home.
  • Iron ore veins were found to the north, and although not in production, should create quite a windfall for the town.
  • The valley has been full explored and although many threats still exist, as they're are defeated, the area becomes safer.
  • A statue of Daghda was uncovered to the north. This very large statue has magical properties that make the inhabitants of Tara more productive.
Some of the "concrete" results of these actions (changes in red):

Corruption +0; Crime -6 (from -5) Economy -1; Law +3 (from +2) Lore +2; Society +0
Base Value 2,538 gp (up 8%)
Purchase Limit 12,690 gp (up 8%)

 Future thoughts:
  • What the town needs most is more trade and an influx of people who want to live there. 
  • Removing the Samhain Threat will have a huge impact removing the "curse" on the town.

Magic Items Available:
Magic Item Price Type
oil of mending 25 gp Potion / Oil
potion of resist energy (Fire) 10 300 gp Potion / Oil
potion of bear's endurance 300 gp Potion / Oil
arcane scroll of level 3 spell, magic circle against evil (CL5) 375 gp Scroll
arcane scroll of level 3 spell, ray of exhaustion (CL5) 375 gp Scroll
wand of level 1 spell, magic missile (CL1), 26 charges 390 gp Wand
medium sized heavy wood shield, +1 1,170 gp Shield
medium sized heavy wood shield, +1 1,170 gp Shield
lens of detection 3,500 gp Wondrous Item
circlet of persuasion 4,500 gp Wondrous Item
robe of useful items 7,000 gp Wondrous Item
lesser empower metamagic rod 9,000 gp Rod
large steel shield, +3 9,180 gp Shield

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