Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greetings from Djanet

Greetings good sirs of Tara,

We bring you solemn tidings from the city of Djanet, capital of the lands of Badar. I trust that the tome the vizier has sent, detailing the secrets of pyramid construction, have reached your head wizard safely and promptly. As agreed between us and Azmelqart, this text must remain a Badaran state secret and must be returned on your projects completion, which I trust will occur soon.

Perhaps on returning the sacred tome, you would like to engage in additional trade with our people. We have a steady supply of top quality paper products, such as Phoenician papyrus we've tailored for spell books and scrolls. Also, our Kapet and Ihmut incenses are perfect for religious rituals and we offer a rich variety of incenses that match the worship of just about any god.

Finally, our once great empire is only now recovering from dark times. We are in need of experienced explorers to uncover the riches of the past. Taxes on discovered treasure is reasonable and there is state sponsorship to help find lost sites of wonder and riches.

May the holy triad of Amun, Mut and Khonsu smile upon you,

Sekhmet, Advisor to Vizier Nebmarenakht

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