Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Second Month

Tara looks much the same as it did just a month ago, but the attitude is different. The people, once closed in on themselves and fearful of the unknown, now look outwards, to the future. A statue of Daghda, the All Father, looks down on them from on high, offering his protection and wishes for their prosperity. Evil ghosts and spirits no longer haunt their every move. Idle hands now have work to do, both in the crafting of metal items and extra workers for the fields. The shadow over Tara cast by the evil priestess of death has been lifted and the heroes of the land have been woken from their slumber. Yet, there is much to do, as Samhain approaches and the annual threat of fire and destruction looms. But that is still months away, and there is much to do in the towns defenses and the exploration of the region.

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