Saturday, May 26, 2012


The party spends the next day in Freyjaborg resting, assembling a cart, and loading up the valuable statues to return to Tara. On day eight from when they returned to town last, they begin their one day journey back to town. We'll begin again on day nine.

While the party was gone, a strange event occurred in town. Townsfolk report an unusual, black clad man appearing in the town square, coming into existence with a loud popping noise. The man was dressed in blood stained chain armor, an ancient sort worn by the Northmen of old. He proceeded to walk across the town square, entering The Tavern of the Squatting Wolfhound. The black clad man ordered everyone out, speaking with a very thick Northman accent. He informed the barkeep his name was Bloody Erik and he wished to parlay with the heroes of Tara.

The tavern cleared out quickly and the guard was called. Three guardsmen attempted to evict the intruder, but were slain, their bodies reduced to a pile of bones, without the black clad man raising a hand. Upon further investigation, a cleric reported an intense aura of evil emanating from the tavern, and it was concluded that the heroes of Tara may be the best recourse.

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