Friday, June 8, 2012

Changes in Town

The sister city, Freyjaborg, has allowed Yan-Ki culture to flourish, although it is still quite early. Where there is suppression of creativity, the people tend to act out in unusual ways, such as crime, cultic worship and general unhappiness. Now they have an outlet, and although a portion of the population has left the city, the remaining people are in a more harmonious position.

Crime has also decreased as the network of beggar Crom cultists has been disrupted. The hag has escaped along with a beggar or two, but for the most part, petty theft and the leak of vital information has been stopped. Stopping a plot to embarrass the king doesn't hurt either.

So we have:
Corruption +0; Crime -7 (from -6) Economy -1; Law +4 (from +3) Lore +2; Society +1 (from 0).
Base Value 2,538 gp (same)
Purchase Limit 12,690 gp (same)
The population decrease doesn't help the Marketplace numbers but it will eventually rise. Also, once the effects of the repaired lighthouses takes effect, there will be increased trade and population.

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