Sunday, November 25, 2012

Changes in Town (Month 8)


Tara is on the cusp of turning into a small city, as the population swells and once abandoned parts of town are inhabited once again. Foreigners have swelled the marketplace, selling wares, including those once forbidden. They tend to hide in the shadows and keep a low profile.

One Phoenician wizard, Azmelqart, has begun selling powerful wands, rods and staves. He also sells items considered "evil" and other questionable magic items (like items that protect from Good). He does not seem malicious as much as indifferent to the consequences, an attribute shared by most Phoenician merchants. 

Azmelqart is known to be the possessor of Batnoam, a magic ring with a minor power but with a very strong personality. The ring is of note in that Batnoam speaks a variety of languages, including some very ancient ones that were thought to have been lost. Unfortunately, it's a malicious thing and has sent at least one would-be adventurer to his death. Azmelqart has retreated to his small house since the event, wishing to keep a lower profile. Perhaps Batnoam has a bigger influence on Azmelqart than anyone knows.


Crime, which was out of control when you started your adventuring career, plummeted when you broke up the ring of cultist beggar-thieves. Now, with a population that's nearly half foreigners, it is simply low, normal for a town of its size.

The Economy of the town has improved only slightly, with the crime increase and the drain on the public coffers taking its toll. If more settlers arrive in Tara, and if there is not a way to pay for defenses, this will go down.  

Revenue from the salt mine might pay for this. In fact, it might shift Tara into the category of "prosperous." This would increase Economy by 1, but would greatly increase your magic item gp value. It's also likely to attract a lot of attention to the growing town.

Law, like Crime, has dropped down to a normal level. This was your modifier for getting help from the town guard or city officials using skills like Diplomacy. They've gone from incredibly helpful to somewhat indifferent.

Society was your ability to modify moods or get something you want using social skills from non-government officials. This number is much higher because people are in a far better mood and aren't in constant fear for their lives.


LN Large town

Corruption +0; Crime -1 (from -7); Economy +0 (from -1); Law +0; (from +4) Lore +2; Society +4 (from +1)

Qualities insular (fading)

Danger +5


Government Council

Population 5,000 (on the cusp of small city)


Base Value 2,538 gp; Purchase Limit 12,690 gp; Spellcasting 5th

Magic Items:

arcane scroll of level 1 spell, hold porta 25 gpScroll
arcane scroll of level 1 spell, detect secret doors25 gpScroll
divine scroll of level 1 spell, detect aberration [APG] 25 gpScroll
potion of guidance25 gpPotion / Oil
potion of protection from good50 gpPotion / Oil
potion of nature's exile [APG]300 gpPotion / Oil
divine scroll of level 3 spell, glyph of warding575 gpScroll
manacles of cooperation [APG]2,000 gpWondrous Item
lesser disruptive metamagic rod3,000 gpRod
wand of level 2 spell, darkvision, with 47 charges4,230 gpWand
wand of level 2 spell, darkvision, with 50 charges, function indicated by an inscription in Phoenician4,500 gpWand
wand of level 2 spell, spike growth (caster level 4), with 44 charges5,280 gpWand
wand of level 2 spell, flames of the faithful [APG] (caster level 4), with 50 charges6,000 gpWand
+4 studded leather armour16,175 gpArmour
staff of fire, with 10 charges18,950 gpStave
lesser quicken metamagic rod35,000 gpRod
crystal ball with detect thoughts51,000 gpWondrous Item
maximise metamagic rod

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