Monday, November 5, 2012

Return to Tara

It has been a month or so since Samhain and the slaughter of the satyr village. With the Curse of Tara lifted, word quickly spread throughout town that Tara was in a New Time, a potential period of prosperity thanks to the Heroes of Tara.

After the celebration, the town returned to normal for a few week. However, about 20 days after Samhain, the ships began arriving. Yan-Ki from Albion, the island to the west, showed up in ramshackle boats. The first group of around 100 people were rough adventurers, seeking an advantage in a safe, bounteous land. They quickly overwhelmed Tara, began squatting in abandoned buildings, and demanding what was promised them, an easy life, free from the curse of whatever town they had come from. As it turned out, The Curse of Tara, was not unique to your town, and other settlements in the region had similar, but different threats under which the population toiled.

The ships kept coming, every day, bringing more people. One ship brought 230 cultists of the goddess Sulis, who heard rumors of hot springs somewhere near Tara. Their public nudity not only irked the folk of Tara, but resulted in several cases of exposure, due to the cooling Fall temperatures in the region. The Sulis cultists apparently come from a town of hot springs in Albion. The cultists now camp outside the city and hope to learn, from you the location of the rumored springs. Until then, they offer their healing powers to those willing to pay, along with curses for their patron's enemies.

After the "Sulis Incident," the king and authorities began processing new refugees into Tara, finding them relevant tasks either in farming or construction, often for the "legacy" projects that the party is developing. The squatters were evicted and new arrivals allowed to pay rent or purchase buildings outright. Those without skills were put into quickly formed apprenticeship programs. Some look promising, but a good number of arrivals are clearly cast offs from other communities. Trouble will surely follow.

Event: With the town in transition, each month is sure to bring positive and negative events that need addressing. This month was quite positive, as the Fall harvest was especially bountiful. In addition, stores usually reserved for the destruction of Samhain are now available to feed the growing population. What could have been a period of unrest has been avoided thanks to the bountiful harvest.


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