Sunday, February 10, 2013

Court of Ravana

The party camped under the bridge, resting and also wondering if their enemies might appear in the forest clearing. The square surrounded the gallows, a crooked stone structure dedicated to Crom. Along the stone wall were valuable magical stones, inserted cleverly into the wall for some unknown purpose. A twist of each popped them out, but the party left them for now.

Sure enough, a group approached the square. A large, elephantine creature and two cyclops brought a young woman, a prostitute from town. She was docile and climbed the steps on her own, where the cyclops were about to place a noose around her neck.  The elephant creature examined the stones for a moment before they continued.

Before the noose was placed, however, the party emerged from the woods after sneaking up on their enemy. The verrik sorcerer cast Dispel Magic upon the woman. She blinked a couple time and shrieked, jumping off the small platform and landing hard on the ground.

The battle went on in earnest from there. The cyclops closed on the party, one nearly killing the large eidolon with a single blow of its giant great axe. The elephant creature attempted to charm the fighter, but without success.

The verrik fireballed the entire lot of them, killing the prostitute, who he deemed too late to save and badly injuring the cyclops and elephant creature.

The fighter bashed his shield into one of the cyclops, knocking him against the wall and onto the ground. The little halfling evoker cast Black Tentacles on the area, which grabbed the injured prone cyclops. The eidolon unleashed on the standing cyclops, disemboweling him with a flurry of blows. The cleric, always healing from the back, cured the eidolon of its grievous injuries.

Finally, the eidolon, now enlarged to huge size, stepped up and wailed on the elephant creature, finishing it off. As it died, it reverted into a different form, a well dressed, evil looking gnome like creature. The party knew of this creature to be Trikuta the rakshasa.

Celebrating their victory over the rakshasa, it slowly dawned on them that this was far too easy. Was this the rakshasa that impersonated them in town. Could there be two rakshasa?

They proceeded to probe the defenses of the fortress, and while showing off the severed head of Trikuta, the cyclops door guard yelled at them that "the master would not be pleased." The master?

Using Door Sight on the walls, the party looked in on the fortress. Then they pummeled the forlarren tower guards with ligtning bolts and fireballs until they retreated below. The eidolon then bashed at the towers until it made a large sized hole to squeeze through.

The enemy partied safely in their fortress, licking their wounds. Meanwhile, the party rested and did a more thorough search of the perimeter. The verrik, an expert tracker, found a cave that she believed might lead into the fortress.

Now it's an issue of how this battle will proceed.

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