Friday, February 22, 2013

The Scholarly Details

How Did The World Come To Be?

In the beginning, a race of evil beings, The Old Ones, inhabited the world. They brought much destruction on the creatures and early humans until the great goddess Danu intervened. She defeated The Old Ones and banished them to their alien realm. She left the world in the hands of a group of primordial sidhe, celestial elves tasked with keeping the doorways between worlds solidly closed. Some of these early sidhe ascended to godhead and form the pantheon called the Tuatha de Danaan. The sidhe nowadays perform the same tasks, although some are fallen, with motivations of their own.

What Is The Nature of The Gods?
The gods set up a system to leave the world in the hands of overseers, and are thus are not concerned with the day to day goings on of their worshipers. However, they also still possess human motivations, like lust and vengeance that find them meddling on occasion.

What Is The Source of Magic?
Magic is in the physics of the world, brought to the people by the god Math Mathonwy.

What Happens When You Die?
Upon death, you go to the underworld, ruled by the god Arawn. Resurrection is frowned on by Arawn, except for one day of the year, the celebration of Samhain. Reincarnation is the natural order of things, so bringing a PC back is alright using that method. Free willed undead are despised by Arawn, but unthinking undead (animated corpses) are not his concern.

What Cycles Or Events Define The Calendar?
Samhain, or the harvest festival (our late October), is the major event of the year. Beltane is the beginning of Summer, "a springtime festival of optimism" and marks the other end of the calendar (May). Bonfires mark purification and transition along with rituals to ward off otherworldly spirits. It's when livestock would be driven out to pasture (perhaps Samhain is when they come back in).

What Do You See When You Look At The Sky?
There's a single star like our sun, along with a primary moon. There is also a secondary moon, Arianna, on a wackier orbit that is known to affect the tides and mess with the height of the oceans. This moon was created by the moon goddess Arianrod while learning magic from Math Mathonwy. Those who are concerned with the seas do not concern themselves with Arianrod, instead looking to the clerics of the sea god, Manannan Mac Lir, who act as astronomers in helping to predict the activities of the rogue moon.

What Constitutes Cutting Edge Technology?
Celtic lamellar armor is pretty cutting edge and steal is abundant. There is no steam power, printing presses, firearms, clockwork mechanisms or readily accessible alchemical items. There is also no heavy armors in use, nor polearms, or exotic weapons from other cultures. Crossbows exist. Medicine is fairly well advanced thanks to the druids. Sanitation is vaguely understood and is another reason for towns rather than large cities.

Where Do Monsters Come From?
Like the world, they were always just there, with the gods and people coming later.

Which is Strongest: Magic, Gods or Nature?
Nature battles against the dangerous influences of Magic. Wizardry is a dangerous force in need of suppression to avoid past transgressions and future survival.

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